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1.Adult Professional Training Program

This full academic-year certification program is designed for the experienced and committed adult, looking to advance into a professional career in circus performance or acrobatic competition. Each academic year runs the first week of September through the first week of June.

The application process must include MSA’s written application, a video submission, a circus-related resume’ and in some cases, a live audition.

A clear objective and set of goals are created for the individual that begins with a comprehensive 3 month program. This leads to the student’s choice of specialization, which will remain the primary focus, along with a limited continuation of the comprehensive program.

The comprehensive variety of skills includes the following:

Juggling, Tumbling, Tight-wire, Hand balancing, Unicycle & Stilt-Walking, Chinese Pole, Acrobatics, Stretching & Flexibility Training, Trampoline & Tumble Track, all Aerial Circus Arts such as Trapeze, Silks, Straps, Cloud-swing, Aerial-hoop(Lyra) & Spanish Web (Corde Lisse).

The comprehensive portion also includes a full core of relative circus skills, including choreography, stage presentation, dance, tempo & movement, circus history, and specialized workshops that address less commonly known skills such as equipment inspections, rigging, safety, injury prevention, etc. Additionally, resources and equipment acquired by MSA & Circus Arts will be available to use at MSA during open gym sessions, which includes a circus media library plus equipment and space usage.

After the initial 3 months, and for the ensuing 6 months, the student will choose to focus on a specialized skill, and continue a limited schedule of general classes. Specialized skill may be from the following list:

Juggling, Perch Pole, Tight-wire, Partner or Solo Hand-balancing, Russian Bar, Cyr Wheel, Chinese Pole, Perch Pole, Group or Partner Teeter-board, Contortion, as well as all aerial arts such as Trapeze, Silks (Aerial Fabrics), Straps, Cloud-swing, Aerial Hoop (Lyra) & Spanish Web (Corde Lisse). Other specializations may be requested.

Upon conclusion, proficiency testing will be conducted for all the disciplines offered, a written exam, and a final set of professional presentation performances will be conducted as part of graduation.

Classes are conducted Mon-Fri 9:00am – 4:00pm, with complementary Open Gym on Saturdays from 5:00pm – 9:00pm & Sundays from 12:00pm-3:00pm. Special hours may be scheduled or re-scheduled for specific workshops, National Holidays, Special Events or extenuating circumstances. One week for Winter Break, One Week for Spring Break, and most National Holidays will be recognized.


  • For each student, tuition includes all courses, special workshops, 10 one-hour private lessons, all open gym sessions, and use of MSA equipment and the MSA Media Library at MSA.
  • No lending of MSA owned equipment or media will be permitted.


Total cost of Adult Professional Training Program $8,500

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*Payment plan available in 2017

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