Homeschool Circus Arts Class

The homeschool class is a great introductory circus arts class for kids of all ages and includes a sibling discount.

Ages 6-17

This class is for students who want to pick up overall skills of the circus. Everything from juggling, aerial trapeze, acrobats, hand balancing, mini trampoline, clowning, object balancing, aerial silks, diablo, plate spinning and much more. There are also plenty of games in this inclusive homeschool class that makes physical education

Fall Session 1:September 8,2017-October 27,2017 

Fall Session 2:November 3,2017-December 22,2017

Winter Session:January 12,2018-March 2,2018

Spring Session:March 9,2018-May 4,2018

Summer Session:May 11,2018-June 15,2018 (6 week)

 Classes:Friday 10:30 am-12:00 pm

 Cost per session:
  • 1st child per family: $180.
  • 2nd child per family: $160
  • 3rd child per family: $50.

The fall session of the Homeschool Circus Arts Class was very successful with over 30 kids participating.  There is a great group of kids from 6 year olds to teenagers involved.  The kids are broken down into smaller groups to work on skills with multiple coaches.

Your child is welcome to come  to see, if circus class is a good fit.  If your child decides that they do not like the class, then you do not need to pay for the trial class.  If your child would like to continue with the circus class, then you pay for the entire session.  No refunds will be given after the second class.

To register for class please sign up online and make payments to MSA Circus Arts.  Questions please contact

Please pay by check or cash on the first day of class.  No refunds.

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