Youth Sports Acro & Tumbling Classes

11831794_454355974726461_7185123659563419987_nClass meeting dates, times and costs are listed within each course description.
All classes are taken in 6week blocks unless otherwise stated.
Payment is due the first class of the month, cash or check.

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Pre-School Acrobatics Ages 3-5

In this fun and unique class, be prepared to move, stretch and bounce. The fundamentals behind U.S. Gymnastics Tumbling and Sports Acrobatics are taught in a fun, safe and structured environment.

  Fall Session 1:September 5,2017-October 28,2017

  Fall Session 2:November 4,2017-December 23,2017

 Winter Session:January 13,2018-March 3,2018

Spring Session:March 10,2018-April 28,2018

Summer Session: May 5,2018-June 16,2018 (7week)

           Fee: $155

  •   Drop in class:$22
  • Saturday   10:30AM-11:30AM

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Youth Sports Acrobatics: Beginning (ages 6-8)

This is a great class, full of movement, stretching, bouncing, flipping, balance skills, handstands, and acrobatics. Students encounter a multitude of acrobatic moves, teamwork, and balancing acts not only as partners, but also as groups of 3 or 4 people, as well as individually

       Fall Session 1: September 5,2017-October 28,2017

      Fall Session 2:October 30,2017-December 23,2017

      Winter Session:January 8,2018-March 3,2018

      Spring Session :March 5,2018-April 28,2018

     Summer Session: April 30,2018-June 16,2018 (7weeks)

 Classes:        Monday,    Wednesday,   Friday        4:30PM-5:30 PM

                                                       Saturday:                      1:30PM-2:30PM

  •  1 class per week for 8 weeks :    $210.           
  • 2 classes per week for 8 weeks: $260             
  • 3 classes per week for 8 weeks: $300
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Youth Sports Acrobatics: Advanced (ages 9-15)

Fall  Session 1: September 5,2017- October 25,2017

Fall Session2:October 30,2017-December 23,2017

Winter Session: January 8,2018-March 3,2018

Spring Session:March 5,2018-April 28,2018

Summer Session: April 30,2018-June 16,2018

In this exciting class, be prepared to move, stretch, bounce, flip, balance in a handstand, and learn partner acrobatics individually and with each other. Students encounter a multitude of acrobatic moves and balancing acts with partners, groups of 3 or 4 people, as well as individually.

      Classes:     Monday ,      Wednesday,      Friday    5:30pm-7:0pm

  • 1 class per week for 8 weeks:      $220                   
  • 2 classes per week for 8 weeks: $280
  • 3 classes per week for 8 weeks: $320.
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Youth Tumbling:

Fall  Session 1 : September 5,2017-October 24,2017

Fall  Session 2:October 31,2017-December 19,2017

Winter Session: January 9,2018-February 27,2018

Spring Session: March 6,2018-April 24,2018

Summer Session:May 1,2018-June 12,2018

In this fun class learn and perfect your tumbling skills including round offs, front and back flips, front and back hand springs and more.

Beginning Class (Ages 6-8)                   Tuesday :     5:00PM-6:00PM              $185        

Intermediate Class (Ages 9-14)            Tuesday:      6:00PM-7:00:00PM             $205

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