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Summer Camp Coach:

Posted: 07/03/2020

Job Description: Seasonal Position

Camp Coaches will be responsible for leading stretching and warm-ups, as well as a minimal of 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon of circus instruction that will be divided in to 3, 20 minute circus lesson stations. Lesson plans will be provided with allowance for modifications based on the skill level of the group. In addition to leading lessons Coaches are responsible for hoisting and lowering any Aerial equipment, setting up equipment such as the tight wire and hand balancing stands. Coaches must ensure that crash mats are always beneath Aerials before participants mount them, coaches are allowed to appoint “helpers” or “assistants” from participants to move mats into place beneath aerials and back to designated storage positions. Coaches will responsible for making participants aware of camp rules and enforcing camp rules. Coaches will be responsible for leading at least 2 group games a day, as well as supervising participants during morning snack break, lunch break and open gym. Coaches will be responsible for making sure equipment is put back into its designated positions at the end of the work day. This Job is contract based, if you become sick or must miss work finding a substitute to fill in for you is your responsibility as listed in our work contract.

Job Requirements:

-Experience Teaching/coaching more than one Circus Art

-Some training/experience with safety spotting kids (with gymnastics or aerials)

-Valid Documentation (State ID or work permit)


8:45 am- 3:15 pm

Summer Camp:

Session 1: July  6,2020-July 31 ,2020

Session 2: August 3,2020-August 28,2020

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