Circus Summer Camp

Ages 6-15

                            Summer Camp 2020 year

Spend the summer flying, flipping, and spinning with MSA Summer Camp! Watch your kids become circus performers by learning new skills and staying active. Daily activities include Stretching, Tumbling, Aerial Arts, Sports Acrobatics, stilt walking, rolling globe, tightwire, Juggling arts, and much more! 

COVID-19 Camp Update*

First-off MSA would like to start off by saying we are deeply sorry for all the kids and adults struggling during this pandemic. Secondly, there will be many changes implemented in summer camp. Here are some of the new regulations we are putting in as we open for camp>New gym regulations (link) We will continue to teach all circus activities but we will be implementing more breaks to wash your hands/sanitize yourselves and so we can wipe down the equipment. During camp since we will have a limited amount of spots, each child will be given their own piece of equipment for the week. (juggling ball, spinning plate, diablo, rings) Third, our staff will still be spotting children if they need it but very cautiously. 

Parents still can sign up kids weekly.


 Summer Camp Start : 

Full Session 1: July 6- July 31

Week  1:  July 6 – July 10

Week  2:  July 13-July 17

Week  3:  July 20- July 24

Week 4:  July 27- July 31


Full  Session: 2  August 3- August 28

Week   5:    August 3- August 7

Week  6:     August 10- August 14

Week  7:   August 17- August 21

Week  8:   August 24  –  August 28

Monday-Friday from 9 am- 3 pm

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Camp Information:

Please make sure your child wears comfortable clothing suitable for exercise and movement. We recommend outfits that consist of dance/gymnastics leotards or unitards paired with athletic shorts & stirrup or footless tights, or leggings. Or and outfit of a formfitting athletic shirt/ tank top and form-fitting athletic shorts or tights. Big/ loose clothes do not work well for circus arts. Dance slippers are acceptable if your child wishes to not be barefoot while inside the gym but grippy or yoga socks are needed for doing trampoline if they wish to not do it barefooted.

Behavior at camp

We have several rules at camp we have in place to ensure a fun and safe space for everyone at camp. We go over all these rules on the first day of camp to ensure they are clear to our campers. Being that kids will be kids, these rules are not always followed to a T but our instructors work hard to enforce them. Being said, we are implementing a new 3 strike rule for campers, we try to meet the needs of all of our participants but if in the event that behavior becomes intentionally either consistently: disruptive, dangerous to self, or dangerous to others; a behavior report will be made for each incident detailing the circumstances and severity, once two behavior reports are made a call to parents will go out, if there is no change in behavior afterward and a third behavior report is made, an in-person discussion will be had with parent/guardians and in the rare event we will reserve the right to ban a camper from camp.

Bring the following items to camp every day 

  • Bring at least 2-3 bottles of water
  • A snack: we suggest fruit or protein-based snack
  • Lunch: make sure to include necessary utensils if needed. We cannot store your child’s lunch in our refrigerator! We will e-mail all parents on any food allergy based lunch restrictions if we have campers with severe allergies, we want to make camp safe as possible for all
  • Extra pair of yoga pants/leggings: to change into to prevent fabric burns on aerial silks
  • Hair Ties/ headbands: hair needs to be tied back while doing aerials acro or tumbling, tieing back the hair will also help prevent overheating
  • Glasses case (if a child wears glasses): to prevent loss/breaks, as glasses can’t be worn on aerials/while stunting
  • If you want you can bring your own hand sanitizer, otherwise we have some available for the campers at all times.
  • Bring a mask for your child if they would like to wear one

Sample Class Schedule

Classes vary daily.

Regular Drop-off opens at 8:45 am

9:00 – 10:00 am Arrival/morning– Going over camp rules and new policy/ Camp Games, Team building, Stretching/conditioning, Juggle jam
10:00 – 10:15 am Snack & water Break/ Wash hands/ Sanitize Session
10:15 – 12:00 noon

Class Rotations (15-20 minutes per rotation) – acrobatics, tumbling, aerial arts, juggling arts/object manipulation skills, and balancing arts

We will be taking 3-4 breaks to wash hands and face.

12:00 – 1:30 pm Lunch (till 12:30/45)  Wash hands/ Sanitize hands 
1:30 – 2:45 pm


2:45 – 3:00 pm

Class Rotations (15-20 minutes per rotation) – acrobatics, tumbling, aerial arts, juggling arts/object manipulation skills, balancing arts, and clowning skills


We will be taking 3-4 breaks to wash hands and face.

Open gym, Clean up, end of the day announcements

Pick up is promptly at 3:00 pm every day

Parents are not allowed in the gym! Only outside picks (by the gate)

Summer Camp Policy:

Due to limited spots and very high demand, we are not offering refunds. You may cancel your registration 2 weeks before the start date to receive credit on your account for future classes. Credit will expire 1 year from the cancelation date. Your spot is not guaranteed until you make a full payment. All payments for registration are due no later than 24 hours prior start date. If the payment was not received on time, we may release your spot to another student.

Camp Fee:

1 Week –   $380

2 Weeks – $640

3 Weeks – $760 

Full Session (4 weeks) – $925 

Two Full Sessions –  $1625 

Discounts that apply:  $20 Off Sibling Discount only for the full session

Camp fees are non-refundable and due by the first day of the session.

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